​"Just Because You Were Over The Limit Does Not Mean You Are Guilty!" ®

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Can Your OWI Get Reduced or Dismissed?

A conviction for an alcohol related driving offense can have devastating effects on your life. Top Rated* DUI Lawyer Ed Sternisha digs into each case to find anything he can that may help get the case reduced or dismissed - even if you were over the limit.  Schedule a FREE consultation to find out what Attorney Ed Sternisha can do for you. 

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~~DUI Attorney Ed Sternisha is a Top Rated* Drunk Driving Lawyer and he represents drivers charged with OWI, DUI, DWI, OUIL, OUID, DUID, Driving While Intoxicated, Drunk Driving, Drugged Driving, in West Michigan, Kent County, Grand Rapids, Ionia County, Ottawa County, Holland, Hudsonville, Montcalm County, Greenville, Muskegon County, Ingham County, Lansing, Eaton County, Allegan County, Wayland, Barry County, Hastings, Newaygo County, White Cloud, & More.



Getting Cases Dismissed?

Instead of walking clients through a simple plea agreement where the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser alcohol-related driving charge in exchange for the original higher charge being dropped, Attorney Sternisha (whose client’s simply call him Ed) thoroughly investigates his cases to ensure his clients receive proper justice.  While sometimes a reduced charge may be the best way to go, other times, depending on what Attorney Sternisha's investigation reveals, a jury trial or a complete dismissal may be in order.  Ed is not afraid to go to trial.  He has even represented a client all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court.

​Most of the cases Ed has gotten dismissed involve client's who were over the limit.  Being over the limit is only one thing a prosecutor must prove.  There are many other steps the police must do correctly or it may help get a case reduced or even dismissed.  Of course, every case is different so call (616) 233-CALL-ED to see if Ed can help you.

With a background as a police officer along with being a licensed private investigator, Ed is not just a lawyer (see "Attorney" page).  As such, he digs deep into his cases and looks for police errors, inconsistencies, and even false statements if they exist.  “While I believe drunk driving is very dangerous, I also believe that those charged with OWI deserve to have a fair chance at defending themselves,” Ed has said.  “Simply because someone is arrested for OWI, does not mean they are guilty.  My job is to find out what really happened and try to get the best results.”

Remember, every case is different and the results mentioned on this site are not a suggestion that your case will end with the same outcome. No attorney can guarantee the results of any case.  If you have been charged with an OWI offense, plead not guilty and “Call Ed Instead!”  (616) 233-CALL-ED.  

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Should You Submit To A PBT?

If a police officer asks you to submit to a Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) at the scene of a traffic-stop or an accident scene, the officer is trying to gather evidence against you to charge you with DUI.  Generally, the police will not give you the opportunity to call a lawyer for advice.  Should you help the police with their investigation?  Attorney Ed Sternisha reminds drivers that they are under no obligation to help police obtain probable cause to arrest you.

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